We have a new scholarship available!

The Isac Amaya Memorial Scholarship is available to graduate students in the state of Arizona who are DREAMers.


1. Students must have obtained their graduate degree in an Arizona University.

2. Students must show proof of acceptance into a graduate program in the United States.

3. Applicants must show proof of enrollment in their university, effective fall 2015. Students must send proof of enrollment to isacamayafoundation@gmail.com after completing online application (copy of schedule, letter of acceptance or other document).

4. Application and other materials must be submitted by May 31.

5. The winner will be awarded a $5,000 scholarship that will be sent to his/her University.

6. The winner must be present to accept his/her scholarship at the Isac Amaya Foundation’s annual scholarships fundraising dinner on June 27.

7. The winner of the scholarship must participate as volunteer for 2 Isac Amaya Foundation events and participate in media interviews.

8. Previous Isac Amaya Scholarship recipients are not eligible for this year’s award.

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